Sedona / Grand Canyon Vacation 2009

This summer Andrea, Joshua and I flew to Phoenix AZ and rented a car. We drove up through Scottsdale and Jerome to Sedona. We exchanged our Timeshare week for Sedona and loved the 2 bedroom unit we got. We visited Cathedral Rock, Meteor Crater, Winslow, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Flagstaff, and Oak Creek Canyon. We then hired a tour and boarded a Cessna 206 and flew to Haulapai Nation on the West Rim. After landing, we boarded a Chopper and flew to the bottom of the Canyon where we boarded a pontoon boat. We motored up the Colorado River and then floated back to the dock. We re-boarded the helicopter and flew up Quartermaster canyon back to the Heliport. We boarded buses to the Skywalk, but since they wouldn't let us take our cameras out on the thing we didn't want to pay the extra $100 We ate lunch on the rim and then flew back to Sedona through a summer thunderstorm. Awesome! 

After checking out of the Resort, we drove to Vegas where we attended Circ De Solei O show at the Belagio. Awesome! We went to the MGM Grand and watched them feed the Lions in the Lion exhibit. Andrea won a thousand bucks in the free Players Club machine. We then drove back over Hoover Dam and took the Dam Tour. 

All in all it was a great vacation and I hope you enjoy the pictures. That is, when I can get the stupid computer to upload them properly. Bill

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